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  About six months ago I came across a video of a street performer that really impressed me as a guitarist . It may because at the time I was working at learning the song  , Sultans of Swing . I think I may have been searching YouTube for a teaching video when I came across a video of Brazilian  musician ,  William Lee  , playing Sultans of Swing in a street performance . I immediately became a fan . I was also impressed of the way that he was willing to put himself out there , literally .

  It takes a lot of confidence to just pick a place to play and go at it . It still impresses me more that a musician can actually make money at this if he or she is good enough to make a fan out of a stranger on the spot .

  William Lee is definitely a really entertaining street performer . His cover of his choice of songs are good to me since he manage to play songs I have liked since the originals came out . I have noticed that the main YouTube channel that carries his music is CADMRecords  . 

Below is the cover of  Sultans of Swing  as performed by William Lee .

                            Another favorite is Pretty Woman  .

                            This is the kind of stuff I like to find .


This is probably the best cover of ” Still Got The Blues ”  that I have heard  .

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