Trayc Thompson of TraycTV Is A YouTube Star

 After surfing and searching around the internet I believe I have come across a new YouTube star  .

  Her looks and personality are definitely up to speed but even  more important , her videos are interesting . That’s good because even the prettiest girls become boring after a while .

 However  Trayc  is not boring and has what they call a presence in front of the camera . Her good looks , a good speaking voice  , charisma and humor makes her videos well worth watching . Plus , her videos actually have substance and substance is something YouTube seems to be running short of  .

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  If you haven’t viewed her yet than I”ll give you a little preview of Trayctvtime  .


   Her videos are fun to watch and very entertaining but like so many new and talented YouTube vloggers her views seem way too low for her level of talent . I would expect that on my videos but definitely not on Trayctvtime videos . YouTube is just hard to figure out . I believe her channel is definitely worth taking notice of and I encourage you to check her out .  She adds a new video every Sunday or Monday .

  Here is the link to  Trayc Thompson’s YouTube  channel .

Check out her website : 

Catch her at Instagram :

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