One of the most powerful websites for the beginning musician has to be SoundCloud !

  When I first became interested in promoting my music the first place I chose was SoundCloud . It is available to professionals and amateurs alike .  The ease of use along with a ready supply of music lovers seemed like the obvious venue . Just the fact that I can throw up a music file and have it instantly available for  the public to listen to if they so desire makes the whole experience so much easier than it was just a few years ago . All you need to do is sign up for a free account and you’re ready to go .

SoundCloud has become the amateur musicians best friend .
SoundCloud has become the amateur musicians best friend .

   I also like to search for new music that I have never heard before . I do admit that  worthwhile music is sometimes hard to fine just because it is so easy and available for everyone to upload absolutely any sound file they wish to share  .  The work that is put into preparing the file for public listening doesn’t really seem to matter  . The quality can be really bad on some .

  There are a lot of choices on SoundCloud . There are some genres that are new to me  . You shouldn’t have any trouble finding one for your music file . You can also make your music available as a free download if you wish to promote your music by giving some of it away . If you have a link ,  you can add it ,  to lead the listener to a site that sells your music .

   There is also copyrighted music that may or may not be legal . It is the responsibility of the one who uploads the music to make sure their sound file is not infringing on the rights of others  .  I have to say that I do not know if any files have ever been flagged for copyright infringement on SoundCloud  , like it is done on   YouTube . There are covers , mashups , as well as copyrighted music tracks that are used for new rap songs  .  Is this legal you may ask ? I would think only with permission and this may include some sort of payment being involved  ,   so definitely research this subject and  keep it legal !

  When I find new talent it feels like I have found gold  and hopefully in a small way , along with the visitors on this site , we  will be able to give a little boost to their music career .

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