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  About six months ago I came across a video of a street performer that really impressed me as a guitarist . It may because at the time I was working at learning the song  , Sultans of Swing . I think I may have been searching YouTube for a teaching video when I came across a video of Brazilian  musician ,  William Lee  , playing Sultans of Swing in a street performance . I immediately became a fan . I was also impressed of the way that he was willing to put himself out there , literally .

  It takes a lot of confidence to just pick a place to play and go at it . It still impresses me more that a musician can actually make money at this if he or she is good enough to make a fan out of a stranger on the spot .

  William Lee is definitely a really entertaining street performer . His cover of his choice of songs are good to me since he manage to play songs I have liked since the originals came out . I have noticed that the main YouTube channel that carries his music is CADMRecords  . 

Below is the cover of  Sultans of Swing  as performed by William Lee .

                            Another favorite is Pretty Woman  .

                            This is the kind of stuff I like to find .


This is probably the best cover of ” Still Got The Blues ”  that I have heard  .

School Kids Performing Tool – Raising The Bar To A New Level

  This has to be one of the top ten amazing videos on Youtube .

  It is school kids performing  the Tool song 46 and 2 .Their playing raises the bar and the singer is stunning to hear .

  Like most people who see this for the first time , I have to compare their performance to where I was when I was at that age . To be honest I think I was in beginners band taking drum lessons on a practice pad , not that there is anything wrong with that , after all we all have to start some where . However these kids play and sing more professionally than a lot of practicing musicians   ,  which leads to the wow factor you feel or the jealous factor  , wherever your at ,  when you see this video for the first time .

  When it comes to kids this age I feel it might be irresponsible of me to publish names and locations so I will leave that alone for now . However I am sure they will be famous in the near future . This kind of talent doesn’t stay hidden  .


Kelli Leigh has an Amazing Voice

Kelli Leigh

   I have been watching a video that I cant seem to get out of my head and honestly that is fine with me .  I first heard Kelli Leigh ‘s  soulful voice in a video that someone had posted on YouTube . It is The Band of Voices audition on Britain’s  Got Talent 2013 show .  I have no idea how many times I have played this version of Price Tag but I have to say it sounds so much better than the original . It just seems that this song has a natural flow at this tempo . The group was smart in letting Miss Leigh began the singing with a voice that is compared to Whitney Houston . There can be no greater compliment to a female singer .  They are both amazing . 


And then there is the Duke Dumont – I Got You    video . 

  All you have to do is read the comments on  this last video  and you will see that most will agree that she has an extreme amount of talent . I personally wish that she would record her own version of Price Tag  . This song has great lyrics with a real message .

  According to her website at    http://www.kellileigh.co.uk/      , she has a single coming soon called Find A Way .

  Her songs at iTunes is at https://itunes.apple.com/nz/artist/kelli-leigh/id373732029 

  Her link to Tumblr  :         http://kellileighuk.tumblr.com/  .

  Her YouTube Channel   :     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCasr-PBgLoIbaQ4KWx5B5Hg    .

  I know that she is more than the  up and coming artist that this site usually writes about but her talent deserves every ounce of recognition that she gets .