Finding New Music

Finding new music is time consuming . 

  I like to search for new music to listen to  . It’s  always a good feeling when I find an amazing song that instantly grabs my attention . Here lately it has become so much easier thanks to a YouTube channel that I have started watching.  The name of the channel is Jamie and Nikki .

  They are a young married couple who just recently had a new baby girl named Ava .  I’m really not sure how I got started  on watching this channel but I have to say I love it and I never miss a video .  Plus I have come to enjoy the music finds that are included with this channel . Jamie seems to have a knack for finding great music or maybe he just works harder than I do .

  Finding new music that is good takes a lot of time and a good ear . It’s kind of like the A & R guys at the big music companies back in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s  .  Listening to a demo was a talent itself and the A & R ‘s  decision could make or brake a new artist .  But now home computers and home studios  have changed the rules of the game allowing talented musicians to record and market their own style of  music .

But anyways I am getting off of the subject . Back to why we are here  .

Here is the link to  the most current YouTube channel video  :

Jamie and Nikki

Here is Novel music video linked by Jamie and  Nikki

It is a remix of Jack White’s   “Would You Fight For Love “


Here is another find  from Jamie and Nikki that is gold! This is Kirby Lauryen’s Page on SoundCloud .

Kirby Lauryen  – Loved By You

I have looked for her ( Kirby Lauryen )  YouTube channel but there doesn’t seem to be one .

Jamie and Nikki YouTube channel :


A big thumbs up for the ones that give a hand up  !



Malynda Hale – A New Discovery

Malynda Hale has just become a new favorite .mh Her voice is amazing .

How is it possible that so many talented artists manage  to stay hidden in their struggle to be discovered and yet their info is everywhere .  With all the music fans in this world you would think that real talent would soar to the top of the charts or at least get the attention they deserve .Malynda Hale deserves to be at the top .

But still there are so many that remain stuck in semi-oblivion without the popularity they should have .  Today I was searching again for artists who have remained hidden from their success . One such artist is Malynda Hale .

Even if you choose to ignore her beauty which is hard to do , her voice demands respect and to top it all , she writes her own music and does it very well .

She currently has 32 songs listed for sell on iTunes .

 Her latest album is titled  Pieces Of Me and consists of  10 singles .

MH album

Here is a YouTube video that gives a sample of each of the the songs .

When I add a post like this one I like to include links to the artists info so that you can decide for yourself if their music or talent suits you .

Here goes :

Her page at     Artists Signal 

Her page at     iTunes

Her page at     YouTube channel

Her                    Facebook

Her                    Twitter

I think that should be enough to get you started .

So if your the type that enjoys searching for new artists then give her a listen .

Jackie Venson – Smile

   This is just a quick message to say that one of my very favorite  musicians has come out with a new song  . The name of it is ” Smile” .


 I got the email that CDBaby sends to former buyers of their artist’s music and had to take a look . It has  kind of a light and easy going melody that is instantly likable to to the listener and fits in very well with current songs loved by millions . 

   I guess what I am really saying is , I think it could be a breakout song for Ms. Venson who very much deserves some extra success in her career .

   Needless to say I am a fan of hers and yes  , I have bought the mp3 download which is the least I can do to support a growing artist  . I encourage you to take a listen as well  . I think you’re gonna like  it.

    You can find it here  : at CdBaby . Just click here . 


    Thanks for visiting . I want to add a message here . I truly appreciate the subscribers on this site . You keep it going .

 If you find a new artist that you believe deserves some attention then let me know through the contact page .

Thanks .