Malynda Hale – A New Discovery

Malynda Hale has just become a new favorite .mh Her voice is amazing .

How is it possible that so many talented artists manage  to stay hidden in their struggle to be discovered and yet their info is everywhere .  With all the music fans in this world you would think that real talent would soar to the top of the charts or at least get the attention they deserve .Malynda Hale deserves to be at the top .

But still there are so many that remain stuck in semi-oblivion without the popularity they should have .  Today I was searching again for artists who have remained hidden from their success . One such artist is Malynda Hale .

Even if you choose to ignore her beauty which is hard to do , her voice demands respect and to top it all , she writes her own music and does it very well .

She currently has 32 songs listed for sell on iTunes .

 Her latest album is titled  Pieces Of Me and consists of  10 singles .

MH album

Here is a YouTube video that gives a sample of each of the the songs .

When I add a post like this one I like to include links to the artists info so that you can decide for yourself if their music or talent suits you .

Here goes :

Her page at     Artists Signal 

Her page at     iTunes

Her page at     YouTube channel

Her                    Facebook

Her                    Twitter

I think that should be enough to get you started .

So if your the type that enjoys searching for new artists then give her a listen .

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