Jackie Venson – Smile

   This is just a quick message to say that one of my very favorite  musicians has come out with a new song  . The name of it is ” Smile” .


 I got the email that CDBaby sends to former buyers of their artist’s music and had to take a look . It has  kind of a light and easy going melody that is instantly likable to to the listener and fits in very well with current songs loved by millions . 

   I guess what I am really saying is , I think it could be a breakout song for Ms. Venson who very much deserves some extra success in her career .

   Needless to say I am a fan of hers and yes  , I have bought the mp3 download which is the least I can do to support a growing artist  . I encourage you to take a listen as well  . I think you’re gonna like  it.

    You can find it here  :   http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jackievenson7 at CdBaby . Just click here . 


    Thanks for visiting . I want to add a message here . I truly appreciate the subscribers on this site . You keep it going .

 If you find a new artist that you believe deserves some attention then let me know through the contact page .

Thanks .  

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