Finding New Music

Finding new music is time consuming . 

  I like to search for new music to listen to  . It’s  always a good feeling when I find an amazing song that instantly grabs my attention . Here lately it has become so much easier thanks to a YouTube channel that I have started watching.  The name of the channel is Jamie and Nikki .

  They are a young married couple who just recently had a new baby girl named Ava .  I’m really not sure how I got started  on watching this channel but I have to say I love it and I never miss a video .  Plus I have come to enjoy the music finds that are included with this channel . Jamie seems to have a knack for finding great music or maybe he just works harder than I do .

  Finding new music that is good takes a lot of time and a good ear . It’s kind of like the A & R guys at the big music companies back in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s  .  Listening to a demo was a talent itself and the A & R ‘s  decision could make or brake a new artist .  But now home computers and home studios  have changed the rules of the game allowing talented musicians to record and market their own style of  music .

But anyways I am getting off of the subject . Back to why we are here  .

Here is the link to  the most current YouTube channel video  :

Jamie and Nikki

Here is Novel music video linked by Jamie and  Nikki

It is a remix of Jack White’s   “Would You Fight For Love “


Here is another find  from Jamie and Nikki that is gold! This is Kirby Lauryen’s Page on SoundCloud .

Kirby Lauryen  – Loved By You

I have looked for her ( Kirby Lauryen )  YouTube channel but there doesn’t seem to be one .

Jamie and Nikki YouTube channel :


A big thumbs up for the ones that give a hand up  !



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