Jess Greenberg – Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy   by   Jess Greenberg


    Cover songs are probably the biggest help an up and coming singer / musician has going for him or her . There’s very few who get anywhere with a song that has never been heard before . If you ask a successful singer how they got started I am sure they would admit to a few cover songs with a few of there own originals thrown into the blend . 

  Here is a great example of  a real talent singing a song I already know I like . The fact that it is done so well proves her talent . Not only is she a good singer , her guitar playing is top notch . I listened to one of her covers and that was enough for me to want to listen to them all . 

Here is her cover of  Pride and Joy  originally sung by Stevie Ray Vaughan

Here are the links if you would like to follow her career . 

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